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The answer is apparently 6. Yes that’s right 6 whole students. Well that’s what the course organisers seem to think. So I can’t help thinking am I really paying 10 grand to fight over a Bunsen? I swear one poor girl lost half an eyebrow in the upheaval. I mean what was the point of putting us I such large groups? It certainly wasn’t to show the importance of collaboration as I’m assuming 6 people normally don’t need to do the same experiment simultaneously. Or is this a new way of creating jobs? Oh yes, 6 people can do one persons job and then they can pay us in shillings. Common guys: I’m sure you can do better.


Comments on: "How many students does it take to plate some phage?" (1)

  1. Sounds familiar!
    We were once assigned a task for 6 of us to prepare and perform a 6 minute presentation about Virgin Media (part of the business studies modules). You basically got to say 120 words before someone else had their turn to speak. It turns out is is more work and stress and lost friendships to make a shorter presentation for more people than one long presentation for yourself. In the real working world I imagine a 6-person presentation in 6 minutes would NEVER happen, so how this exercise was meant to benefit us I will never know. What a joke and waste of everyones time and effort!!
    Big love from Peru xxxx

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