The trials and tribulations of a girl trying to make her way in the wide world of science

The long absence

So, anyone with half an idea of the academic year will know why I have been absent these past months.

That dreaded time has been on us again, where students either get fatter or thinner, start to smell and go pasty white: The Exam Period.

There are many awful components to The Exam Period, lack of social life, lack of sleep, lack of fresh air (the Sun always seems to shine during this period also, just to spite us) and a general lack of everything apart from stress.

However, I realised this year something new, it wasn’t just me and my classmates going through these motions, my family did too. The house become a Sufferers Paradise and they couldn’t escape it. Their Mother and Partners’ head was replaced with a textbook which only emitted short grunts and when conversation was squeezed out of her, it was about her impending doom (forgive the third person, it just seemed appropriate).

So this led me to THE question: how do you get the right work/life balance? Answers on a postcard please, but I’m guessing you all have as much a clue as me.


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