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On the phenomenon of feeling constantly stupid part 2

A referral back to an early post now. This interesting article comes courtesy of one of my lecturers. Enjoy.


Life of a wannabe Scientist is….

Glad that she is not an American, or a Republican follower.

Time Flies

So much time has passed since my last post yet so much has happened. Spending everyday in the lab, many times repeating the same protocols over and over again, tweaking minute details has dashed all my romantic ideals of what it is like to ba a scientist, yet it has not quashed my desire to become one.

Many personal problems have occurred recently for me, and my work has been an absolute blessing, to get stuck in and lost in work has been a nice respite from the complexities of life outside the lab.

Yet soon I will have to leave this safe haven and return to full time study. My final year will be horrendous in many ways, yet I am so excited! No filler modules, all really exciting stuff, as my learning becomes more and more atuned to my personal interests. Only 2 weeks to go and I cannot wait!

This also brings the question, however, of what I am going to do once it is all over. Am I good enough to do a phd? Should I do a masters first? So much to do I will hardly be able to think about anything else!

So heres to a (hopefully) exciting and (hopefully) successful 3rd year.

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